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Ecology & Wadleigh Pond

Many of Maine's ponds and lakes have been invaded in recent years by an invasive non-native aquatic plant called "Eurasion milfoil"  (often just shortened to "milfoil"). Thankfully, Wadleigh Pond has not been invaded by the non-native Eurasion milfoil to date.  The Wadleigh Pond watershed does have a native aquatic plant that has been identified by the State as "bladderwort".  This free-floating native aquatic plant is often mistaken for milfoil, but is not as aggressive as the non-native Eurasion milfoil that has invaded so many bodies of water in the New England area and elsewhere.  According to the State, the presence of a native bladderwort can actually discourage invasion by the non-native milfoil.

Learn More about Maine's Eleven Most Invasive Aquatic Plants
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